What is Hip-Hop?

What is Hip Hop?

Some can’t give a clear answer to what seems to be an easy question. Can you truly answer the question? If you can’t answer, then maybe you should simply ask someone, because the answer given might enlighten you.

Hip-Hop was born in desperation, in oppression, and in poverty. Also, like chit’lins, and some other southern staples that were cast away, “Hip-Hop epitomizes irony,” and it should be digested as/with soul food.

Hip-Hop has had “haters and detractors” since it was born. For example, many people continue to misrepresent Hip-Hop in many way. One of the key ways has been to say the Hip-Hop is against women, and that it is misogynistic; yet, they fail to realize that some of the most important people involved with the creation and evolution of Hip-Hop are women.

How dare the ignorant to continue to ignore the fact that the Harriet Tubman of Hip-Hop should be considered to be Sylvia Robinson. Not only was she important, she lead the pack of pioneers who financed, managed, and produced some of the earliest Hip-Hop works in history at her Sugar Hill Records (which she owned). Most remember the Sugar Hill Gang and their song (Rappers’ Delight), they were her group.

In addition to Sylvia Robinson, there is Sylvia Rhone who has overseen a roster of artists: Lil Wayne, Nicki Minaj, Drake, Kid Cuddi, Nelly, Melanie Fiona, Akon, Eraka Badu, and Stevie Wonder.

In October 2004, Sylvia was appointed president of Motown Records and executive vice president of Universal Records. Prior to her Universal Motown role, Rhone served as chairwoman and CEO of Elektra Entertainment Group, transforming the “boutique” label into one of the most eclectic rosters in the music business. Rhone’s appointment in 1994 as chairwoman and CEO of EEG established her as the only African American and the first woman in the history of the recording industry to attain such a title.

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Many people never took the time to embrace Hip Hop, despite it sneaking through doors and speakers like a cat burglar. In addition, the, per se, old school has given way to the, per se, new school yet the craft remains the same.

When EPMD came out with the record “the Crossover,” many thought that it was a http://reverbnation.com/blacmagick6cheap dis towards a lot of achieving artists; yet, it was a profound foreshadowing of what was to come, and believe me, “I am fine with what has come; yet, only to a certain degree.

Who knew that Tim boots and army-certified suits would give way to “Versace swag” and “Gucci taste?” Or did you know that Rakim and Jody Watley had done a powerful Hip-Hop R&B duet that still resounds loudly! What about the Fat Boys and the Beach Boys’ collab? Or the RUN DMC and Aerosmith banger?

Shabazz the Disciple supports the “game never changes, only the players,” and I am in agreement. Moreover, I think that it is time for a Hip Soul renaissance, and I am willing to assure you all that Buffalo, NY is doing all that we can to “restore hope” in the Hip Hop community.

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